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By Richard Tomes September 6, 2017 Misc. Community Watch

Dear Clients and Friends,
Our hearts have been heavy as we have been following the aftermath of hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana.  Our thoughts and prayers have been with those affected by the storm.
In order to get this out to you quickly, we are sending this out as a mass email.  We will also be posting it on our website.
Hurricane Irma currently seems to have sights set on FL.  As I write this on Wednesday, September 06, 2017, the models are still uncertain as to where exactly Irma will go, but it seems more and more likely that there may be a serious impact on FL.  Our thoughts and prayers will be with all our clients and friends in FL and throughout what may be the path of the storm northward.  We hope everyone is making the logical preparations and will stay safe.
It seems prudent to anticipate some questions our clients might have about the storm and its possible impact on our services.  In order to alleviate any anxiety about your accounts and our systems, I would like to address our systems and redundancies.  That way, I hope you can concentrate on what other preparations and concerns are needed.
Most of our clients use Raymond James as their primary custodian.  Raymond James is headquartered in west central Florida in St. Petersburg.  While their primary offices are there, they have two other major locations in Memphis, TN, and in Southfield, MI.  Those locations should be able to pick up slack should St. Petersburg be affected.  In addition to those locations, Raymond James has a data center located in Denver, CO.  So, it is not expected that access to your Raymond James accounts, online access, or even Raymond James should be disrupted.  Our abilities to use the Raymond James systems should be unaffected by any impact on Florida from Irma.  Of course, the stock exchanges have their own redundancies and emergency protocols.
I would like to address our firm, Total Wealth Planning and Management, Inc., and our systems and our contingency plans.  Our home office is in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, in a relatively new facility on the third floor.  However, our main computer systems are located in a bunker in Idaho, far away from hurricanes.  Those systems are also redundant and backed up daily.  Via those systems we do all of our business activities and any events in FL should not affect our ability to access our systems with full usability.  As long as we have Internet access, we can access all of our systems.  We have multiple Internet providers, landline and wireless.  Our client and business files are all electronic, so we are not concerned about losing paper files in our FL office.  Our phone system is also digital and distributed.
Our staff is geographically diverse.  I am currently in our Philadelphia area location as I write this.  Kim Mortensen is based in New Jersey and our Client Service Manager, Aimee Marson, is primarily located near Atlanta, GA.  Given all of these things, there is no anticipation that our firm will suffer any disruption of service.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please, feel free to contact us.  For our clients potentially in the path of this storm, our thoughts and prayers are with you.  Please, keep in touch with us as possible via phone or email after the storm’s passing to let us know you are okay and if you are in need of anything.  We care very deeply for you and your families.  Please, stay safe.
Richard Tomes, CFP®
Total Wealth Planning and Management, Inc.